Championship Show

Held at S.A.C.A. PARK,
Cromwell Road, Kilburn S.A.
on Sunday, 22nd June 2008

Judge: Mr. John A Studebaker (USA)


Photos by Ian Sloan Results

Eskydon Rural Thunder
Baby Puppy Dog (3 entries)

1st – Eskydon Rural Thunder (J Dunbar)
2nd – Airebis Chase The Moonlite (G & J Hughes)
3rd – Snerzok Walk The Walk (John & Dawn Wilders)
I believe the 1st puppy has a little advantage over the very beautiful 2nd puppy in his coming and going, and particularly his front. The 2nd puppy tends to raise his foot and come at you a little more hackneyed than I’m real pleased with. However, I concede that the 2nd puppy has a wonderful neck and stands up and is showing a little better. The 3rd puppy which is quite nice is at a disadvantage because he is at least a month or 6 weeks younger than the other two, but he’s going to make an excellent puppy too.

Snerzok I Am Bewitchd
Minor Puppy Dog (3 entries)

1st – Snerzok I Am Bewitchd (John & Dawn Wilders)
2nd – Elgianto Classy Phenix (P & M Smith)
3rd – Snerzok Ice Sculpture (John & Dawn Wilders)
This lovely class of young dogs presents the judge with a dilemma because they each have things that I would like to change a little bit, but they’re in this 6 month category. In my opinion today, the 1st puppy not only has excellent type but he’s also pretty good down and back. I would like to see him with a little more leg. The 2nd puppy has actually got the more leg but is not quite as good in the rear, but has a good head and front end. The 3rd puppy I liked a lot and may be the best puppy in a year from now, but he was not giving us as much down and back as he was around. He shows a lot of reach and drive and when he grows up he might be the best.

Elgianto Mr Spice
Puppy Dog (3 entries)

1st – Elgianto Mr Spice (J Oates & P Phillips)
2nd – Snerzok Spellbinder (John & Dawn Wilders)
3rd – Kimchatka Americanxpress (AI) (TAR & EB Maitland)
This class of young dogs again presents a little dilemma to me because they’re in a very developing stage. The 1st puppy shows the most balance today of the three and he handles his front and rear, coming and going, a little better than the other two. I liked the 2nd placed young puppy quite well particularly on the side, but he needs a little work – he may be better than I’m seeing today. The 3rd puppy is quite nice. He has a really good rear end but he’s not quite as good in the front in my opinion.  Actually I’m impressed with the heads and pigment on all the puppies.

Snerzok Lucky Appolo
Junior Dog (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Snerzok Lucky Appolo (John & Dawn Wilders)
This nice young dog has an excellent head and good pigment and eye. He shows a lot of good characteristics. I would like to see a little more angle in the shoulder and see him reach out a little more. He’s got a little more angulation in the rear than he has in the front. The other thing I penalised a little bit for is all the extra coat – he’s got an awful lot of coat for a young dog. When he gets to be an older dog, he’s going to have a lot of coat and that’s not my preference, but a good young dog.

Ch Zamora Royale Czar
Intermediate Dog (2 entries)

1st – Ch Zamora Royale Czar (Vanessa Spence)
2nd – Ch Adski Dream Machine (D & D Brown)
As always in judging you have trade-offs and in this particular class, it’s very evident. You have here [1st] the dog that’s cleanest down and back and here [2nd] the dog that has considerably more reach and drive. So which of the two are you going to go with, and today I chose this one [1st] because the dog with the great reach and drive is not looking so good in the rear today. Heads are pretty much equal. This one [2nd] I do concede has a little more neck – this one [1st] the coat is standing off a little more today.

Ch Kimchatka Fire On Ice
State Bred Dog (2 entries)

1st – Ch Kimchatka Fire On Ice (D & D Brown)
2nd – Ch Kossov Gengis Khan (M A Courtney-Reid)
The older dog [1st] still puts them down pretty good. He goes down and back pretty clean and has an advantage over the 2nd dog definitely in that area. The 2nd dog is a nice dog as well, has an advantage in reach and drive and shows enthusiasm from his youth. Coats are good on both of them. A nice pair of dogs.

Zamora Royale Sheik
Australian Bred Dog (3 entries)

1st – Zamora Royale Sheik (Glenda Hustwaite)
2nd – Ch Snowispa Dante Of Oberon (Mrs B Lawton)
3rd – Kossov Minstrels Aragorn (M A Courtney-Reid)
Again a class that is divergent in type. I will concede right off the bat that I like some of the type better in the other two dogs, but I can’t deny that the 1st dog’s down and back is cleaner and he has more reach and drive. He opens up and closes very nicely. He’s much smoother than the other two dogs and that’s why I awarded him 1st place. The 2nd and 3rd dogs are quite close. The 2nd is showing a little more style at this stage and showing a little better.

Ch Elgianto Quartermaster (AI)
Open Dog (8 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Elgianto Quartermaster (AI) (Vanessa Spence)
2nd – Ch Silvertips Walk N Th Wild Side (Imp NZ)
                                                  (John & Dawn Wilders)
3rd – Ch Adski Candy Rapper (D & D Brown)
Really a nice class – 3 excellent dogs here in front. The dog in front I like a little better. He’s just a little smoother down and back. The 2nd dog is coming on and may be there in another year or two. I like the coat on the 1st two dogs too – short harsh coats – I’m not a long coat person and I like this kind of coat. Very good style, the biscuit is excellent, showing through on the coat so we’re very much appreciative of that. The 2nd dog is quite a nice young dog – in another 2 years he might be just the best of the bunch – a very good dog developing. Also a very nice dog in 3rd place, with excellent – actually probably even a little better head than the 2 dogs ahead of him, but again I think the 2 dogs ahead of him are just a little smoother and better down and back.

Eskydon Standzout
Baby Puppy Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Eskydon Standzout (J Dunbar)
2nd – Airebis Kissed By Moonlite (G & J Hughes)
Two very promising young puppies. The difference on the day is not much, but the little puppy in 1st is coming at you a little truer, and the puppy in 2nd is waving her feet a little. Very promising pair of puppies. Both have excellent heads, good length of neck, they’re good going around the outside. Pretty close pair.

Snowispa Pride Of C Enna
Minor Puppy Bitch (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Snowispa Pride Of C Enna (Mrs B Lawton)
2nd – Snerzok Ice Rose (John & Dawn Wilders)
3rd – Elgianto Secret Reine (P & M Smith)
Beautiful set of puppies. The first two are very close. The 1st one is showing a little smoother on the around and down and back and the 2nd puppy is also beautiful. The 3rd one is coming right along as well – not quite in the same class as the first two but showing a very nice side gait.

Kimark Mirabella
Puppy Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Kimark Mirabella (K Wardle)
2nd – Zamora Grand Destiny (Glenda Hustwaite)
3rd – Sunmist Witch On The Wind (John & Dawn Wilders)
Like a lot of classes, you have to make compromises. In this class, in my opinion, the prettiest bitch that gives you the best profile is the one I put 3rd. She’s got a very decent front but she doesn’t have the balance in her front and rear exhibited in the first two. The little girl up front shows me the best profile. The 2nd one is a little long for my style but moves herself quite nicely.

Beltamo Scene Stealer
Junior Bitch (6 entries)

1st – Beltamo Scene Stealer (Beltamo Kennels)
2nd – Snerzok Finnish In Style (John & Dawn Wilders)
3rd – Kyandi Star Sapphire (H Sloan)
A little dilemma of a class – the bitch in 2nd is certainly the prettier and most stylish of the three bitches and she moves reasonably well. The 1st one is so much stronger on her side gait and she does her down and back very nicely. The little bitch in 3rd that’s completely out of coat looks kind of ugly today but she’s unquestionably one of the best bitches in the class on her down and back and on her side gait and when she’s in good coat, she’ll be good competition for any of them.

Snowispa Jaeda Of Oberon
Intermediate Bitch (5 entries)

1st – Snowispa Jaeda Of Oberon (Mrs C Hill)
2nd – Snerzok Champagne Lizzie (John & Dawn Wilders)
3rd – Kimark Lady Guinevere (K Wardle)
Very nice class. The winner shows a little more reach and drive than the other two. Actually, very nice type, good neck. The 2nd little girl is good also but does not have quite the same shoulder angulation as shown on the first girl and doesn’t bring her foot forward as much as I would like, and the 3rd girl follows and falls right into the pattern of the 2nd.

Ch Adski Eye Candy
State Bred Bitch (3 entries)

1st – Ch Adski Eye Candy (D & D Brown)
2nd – Ch Kossov Remuss Balaika (M A Courtney-Reid)
3rd – Ch Kyandi Shania Impress Me HIT (Beltamo Kennels)
Here we have a class of bitches that have a lot of quality throughout but they all have the same fault. They all run wide in the front instead of stepping in as they should. The 1st bitch stands up and shows to me the best profile and that’s why she’s 1st. The 2nd bitch follows along and the 3rd bitch which is a pretty nice bitch but she’s severely overweight – get some weight off her and she may look a lot better.

Mezen Stella Fortunata
Australian Bred Bitch (9 entries, 2 absent)

1st – Mezen Stella Fortunata (John & Dawn Wilders)
2nd – Ch Adski Turn Back Time (D & D Brown)
3rd – Kyandi Scarlett Ice CCD HT (H Sloan)
This stylish bitch [1st] shows a nice profile with a good neck, good type throughout and reaches and drives better than anything else in the class. Also, she’s clean down and back and in my opinion an easy winner. Also follows a bitch that’s pretty good down and back but not quite as clean as the first one. It showed a lot of style also and a very good quality. And the 3rd one falls right into the same pattern as the second one. Good quality right through but not quite equal to the 1st bitch.

Ch Elgianto Quarterminx (AI)
Open Bitch (8 entries, 1 absent)

1st – Ch Elgianto Quarterminx (AI) (J Oates & P Phillips)
2nd – Elgianto Quartermaid (AI) (Glenda Hustwaite)
3rd – Ch Snowispa Ice Serenity (Mrs B Lawton)
This beautiful well-balance bitch [1st] wiped the class out really. She’s without a real serious fault of any kind. She’s real well balanced, she moved out nice down and back and was very clean and was strong on her side gait. The 2nd bitch, of course way out of coat, a little biggish ears but she’s just absolutely one of the best moving bitches in the class, and she’s got enough leg under her to go through a lot of snow and is a strong driving bitch. Get her in coat – she’d be pretty strong. And the 3rd bitch, beautiful, absolutely equal to the 1st two except she’s just not quite as good in the rear.


Challenge Dog
Reserve Dog

Challenge Bitch
Reserve Bitch

Ch Elgianto Quartermaster (AI)
Zamora Royale Sheik

Ch Elgianto Quarterminx (AI)
Beltamo Scene Stealer

In Show  

Best Exhibit in Show
Runner Up in Show
Best Opposite Sex in Show
Best Baby Puppy in Show
Best Minor Puppy in Show
Best Puppy in Show
Best Junior in Show
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Best Interstate Exhibit

Ch Elgianto Quartermaster (AI)
Zamora Royale Sheik
Ch Elgianto Quarterminx (AI)
Eskydon Rural Thunder
Snowispa Pride Of C Enna
Elgianto Mr Spice
Beltamo Scene Stealer
Ch Zamora Royale Czar
Ch Adski Eye Candy
Zamora Royale Sheik
Ch Elgianto Quartermaster (AI)

Ch Elgianto Quartermaster (AI)

Special Classes  
Brace 1
Ch Adski Time Warp & Ch Adski Turn Back Time
Kyandi Star Sapphire & Kyandi Scarlett Ice CCD HT
Snowispa Jaeda Of Oberon & Ch Snowispa Ice Serenity
Gait 1
Beltamo Scene Stealer
Ch Snowispa Ice Serenity
Kimark Lady Guinevere
Head 1
Ch Airebis Arctic Whisper
Ch Snowispa Dante Of Oberon
Snowbrook Dream Of Genie
Coat 1
Ch Airebis Arctic Whisper
Adski Dance Wi The Devil
Ch Adski Dream Machine
Biscuit 1
Aiyana Nikanta Milaya
Ch Elgianto Quartermaster (AI)
Ch Airebis Arctic Whisper
Veteran 7 - 10 1
Ch Kossov Remuss Balaika
Ch Kimark Dushinka Minstrel
Veteran 10 & over 1
Ch Kimchatka Fire On Ice
Ch Airebis Arctic Whisper

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